We request the resumption of the demand-led redevelopment project pilot scheme


On 28th June, the Managing Director of the Urban Renewal Authority (URA) Mr. Wai Chi Sing said that as it was very difficult to consolidate owners, the URA will temporarily cancel the demand-led redevelopment project pilot scheme. He also said that as a private person the URA will tend to repair the old buildings instead of building new ones and redeveloping the district.

The DAB is strongly opposed to the cancellation of the demand-led redevelopment scheme. In mid-June when the building collapse in Hung Hom was still fresh in everyone’s minds we already said that we must redevelop the old districts without any further delay. Any such delays would not only affect the living environment of residents and tenants, but would also affect the owners of old buildings as it would have a major impact on their health, wealth and safety. We constantly spoke up for redeveloping the old districts, but even with our advocacy on this issue, the URA decided to cancel the demand-led redevelopment scheme and turn their backs on public opinion.

In order to represent the wishes of residents in the area, the DAB will take advantage of the URA board of directors meeting to go to the URA and present our proposals directly:

1.Speed up the redevelopment of old districts and improve the quality of life for local residents.

2.Resume the demand-led redevelopment scheme and lower the threshold for applications, increasing the number of such projects year on year.

3.Each year, the URA should grant and promote more such projects and advertise such projects more broadly.

4.Expand the scope for these projects and develop them in a way as to be added to districts that lack facilities. These can include community centres and parking lots in order to revitalize the environment of older districts.

5.Find a way to use these projects to build more public housing to increase the supply and to relieve the housing shortage.

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