Vincent Cheng on the Installation of Internet Protocol Cameras in Phases by the Food and Health



April 19, 2018 — In her response to Legislative Councilor Vincent Cheng’s question at the special meeting of the Finance Committee today (April 19, 2018), Secretary for Food and Health Bureau Sophia Chan revealed that the government will extend the scheme on installation of Internet Protocol (IP) cameras at illegal refuse deposit blackspots to all 18 districts to combat illegal deposits of refuse on a trial basis. In the first phase, the government will install IP cameras at 40 refuse dumping blackspots and the second phase will see cameras installed at 30 more spots for a total cost of HK$24 million. The government plans to step up its enforcement and prosecution efforts in tackling illegal refuse deposit after dark, and acknowledges the need to strengthen public education as well.

Vincent Cheng feels that the pilot scheme, which included the installation of IP cameras at refuse dumping blackspots in Sham Shui Po, Central and Western, and Yuen Long districts in December 2016, has been an effective deterrent and public hygiene conditions have improved. The government has promised to conduct a review after one year of its trial. Now that the government has pledged to extend the scheme to all districts in two phases, Vincent hopes the scheme will be regularised, so that the work of monitoring and improving of hygienic environment of each district can be sustained. He also hopes that proper consultations will be held with local residents before implementation of the scheme.


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