The YoungDAB urges more construction of recreational facilities


The YoungDAB held an event at the Central Government Complex this morning, urging the HKSAR government to construct more recreational facilities and review the planning criteria as soon as possible.

According to the “Hong Kong Planning Standards and Guidelines”, each district is required to possess its allotment of recreational facilities including sports facilities, indoor sports centres, libraries, study rooms and swimming pools. The YoungDAB carried out some research on this issue and discovered that some districts did not have their full allotment of facilities as set out in the “Planning Standards and Guidelines”. Some districts have requested the construction of these facilities for many years, but due to various reasons, such as not having enough open land, not making use of land earmarked for such facilities or being stuck at the theoretical research stage without taking any action, the facilities have still not been constructed. This causes residents in these districts to be unable to use public recreational facilities that are rightfully allotted to them.

In recent years the government has always promoted “sport for all”, encouraging residents to exercise for 30 minutes each day as a good habit and to take charge of their own heath. We believe that each district should contain the recreational facilities allotted to them in the “Planning Standards and Guidelines”. While some of the densely-populated districts are in compliance, we urge the government to review the facilities available to the densely-populated district that are not in compliance with the “Planning Standards and Guidelines”, in order that all residents can enjoy their rightfully allotted recreational facilities. Therefore, we urge the government to construct the relevant facilities and review the planning criteria for such construction as soon as possible.

News Inquiries:

YoungDAB Chairperson and Kwun Tong District Councilor Mr. NGAN Man-Yu (6600-2511)

YoungDAB Vice-Chairperson and Sha Tin District Councilor Mr. Alvin CHIU Man Leong (9713-9850)