The YoungDAB proposes the construction of Youth Hostels


The YoungDAB held a survey in the “YoungDAB’s hopes and expectations for the new Administration”. One of the questions was which pressing issue the new government should deal with first, and over half of the young people interviewed said that housing was the most pressing issue.

The YoungDAB set up a petition and requested the government to build more youth hostels. The YoungDAB believes that youth hostels can provide an alternative method of housing for low-income young people. Therefore, the YoungDAB proposes that the government should speed up and broaden its plans for the Youth Hostel Scheme and find more suitable areas to build more youth hostels and cater to the need for housing among the youth. When setting the rent for youth hostels, the government should think of the financial burden that young people and young families face rather than just looking at the market rate.

The youth hostels should look at college dormitories as a model, and each room should only have a bed, a table and a chair, while bathrooms, kitchens, TVs and rest areas should be shared in common. This arrangement should be targeted at the housing needs of young tenants who haven’t gradated or have just started working. This will allow young people to have their own independent housing arrangements. At the same time, rooms in these hostels should only be rented out, never sold.

The YoungDAB emphasizes that these youth hostels allow young people to fulfill their needs of having independent living arrangements with low rents. However there should be a time limit whereupon each tenant has to leave the Hostel for the next applicant. In the meantime young people can save enough money to pay for the first phase of purchasing a home.

Media Inquiries: YoungDAB Chairperson and Kwun Tong District Council Ngan Man-Yu (6600-2511)​


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