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The way forward for our healthcare system

October 25, 2022

The public healthcare system was on the verge of collapse. The DAB had been urging the government to divert more citizens to the private healthcare system. The two new pilot public-private partnership programmes, including Chronic Disease Co-Care Pilot Scheme and pilot PPP programme for the provision of psychiatric specialist out-patient service, proposed in the new Policy Address was considered as a response to the DAB’s request.

However, as the devil was in the details, Edward Leung would organize a series of activities to hear the views of citizens. The collected data would be researched and analyzed, and a proposal recommending optimization of waiting time for public healthcare services and public-private partnership collaboration would be put forward.

The following 10 proposals of the DAB would be put forward in the LegCo and open to the public for discussion:

  1. Set a target for the median average waiting time for stable new cases in public specialist services

  2. Set more specific performance indicators for PPPs

  3. Implement the details of Chronic Disease Co-Care Pilot Scheme

  4. Implement more public-private partnerships in specialist outpatient clinics

  5. Optimize the Voluntary Medical Insurance Scheme for Civil Servants so as to release the resources of public hospitals

  6. Increase patients’ confidence and make well use of each PPP quota

  7. Streamline the internal referral process of the HA and strengthen the support of the Family Medicine for specialist outpatient clinics

  8. Proactively invite specialist doctors in private market to take part in collaboration

  9. Clarify the relationship between primary care providers

  10. Review the positioning and coordination of hospitals in the district

Edward Leung also launched a ten episodes program called “Edward examines the healthcare system” to enhance citizens’ understanding of the problems facing the public healthcare system and explore the current situation faced by the public healthcare system, difficulties, and solutions.

1st episode (Chinese only) :

2nd episode (Chinese only) :

Media enquiries:

DAB Health Services Spokesperson, LegCo member Edward Leung (9665 0660)


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