The Response of the DAB to the NPCSC regarding the Co-location Arrangement


The NPCSC approved the “Co-operation Arrangement between the Mainland & the HKSAR on the Establishment of the Port at the West Kowloon Station of the Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Express Rail Link for Implementing Co-location Arrangement” and this clearly confirms that it is consistent with One Country, Two Systems and the Basic Law.

The DAB welcomes this decision and feels that our Nation fully supports the development of Hong Kong. It has provided a strong constitutional and legal basis for its implementation and also removed any concern over the legal basis for the co-location arrangement.

Also, the Arrangement specifies that the Mainland authorities stationed at the Mainland Port Area and their personnel can only perform duties and functions strictly within the confines of the Mainland Port Area, and they shall not enforce the law outside the area. This helps to dispel any worries over cross-boundary law enforcement by Mainland authorities and guarantees the rights and freedoms enjoyed by the residents of the HKSAR in accordance with law.

All this time, Hong Kong residents have basically approved of setting up the Co-location Arrangement at the West Kowloon station and that is the best way to maximize the economic and social benefits of the XRL. The decision is in accord with the hopes and to the benefits of Hong Kong people. The DAB hopes to hold hands with Hong Kong society and using the NPCSC decision as a basis, promote the implementation of the Co-location Arrangement into local legislation and thereby guarantee the implementation of the Co-operation Arrangement and allow the XRL to become operational as smoothly as possible.

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