The National Affairs and the Anniversary of the Founding of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army



1) Introduction

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) protects the nation’s territorial integrity and national security, enhancing social stability and strengthening national cohesion. The DAB hopes to better understand the Hong Kong public’s view on national affairs and the PLA with this survey as we celebrate the 21st anniversary of the Handover.

Survey period: 27 June – 3 July 2018

Interview subjects: Hong Kong residents, aged 12 and above

Eligible respondents: 713 persons

All in all, 51% of respondents felt that the HKSAR government is doing a good job in its work of promoting the understanding of national affairs while 36% hold contrary views; 70% of respondents agreed that greater effort should be made to help local residents understand Mainland affairs; in addition, over 70% of respondents agreed with increasing contact with and knowledge of the PLA, and the holding of more events to educate locals about national defence and diplomatic affairs.

We propose that the government enhance measures and support programmes that deeper Hong Kong people’s knowledge of the Mainland, promote more mainland programmes and exchange opportunities for Hong Kong people to learn more about the latest developments and challenges facing our nation. We also encourage the PLA Hong Kong garrison, in addition to barracks and base open days, to increase its every day contact and exchanges with local civilians. We are also of the view that the government should spearhead more public events and district level activities delicate to public education focused on foreign diplomacy and national security issues to deepen the people’s understanding the nation’s policies and garner support for our nation in facing various challenges. ​