the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Big Bay Area (“The Bay”) and in the Belt and Road Initiative


The Committee invited Chief Executive of the HKSAR CY Leung as the main guest lecturer on “The role of Hong Kong within the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Big Bay Area (“The Bay”) and in the Belt and Road Initiative” in the afternoon today.

Chief Executive CY Leung introduced the most updated infrastructure and development connecting Hong Kong and the rest of the Bay to the audience. He emphasized that China has already set up plans for the development of the Bay to strengthen the movement of people, goods, finances and information in the entire region and work together to compete for the global market. Also, Chief Executive CY Leung shared the status and situation of Hong Kong people within the Belt and Road Initiative and encouraged young people to learn skills for working internationally and participate in the Belt and Road Initiative. They should take this opportunity for career development.

In the welcome speech of DAB Chairperson Starry Lee Wai-King, she thanked the Chief Executive for his five years of hard work and his various policies to promote the development of Hong Kong. The DAB has always worked for the industrial and commercial information exchange and development in Hong Kong. The DAB has collected the strength of this sector and worked for economic development. Other than this lecture on 17th June, in the future the DAB will continue to hold various events to provide the latest information and developments to our friends in the industrial and commercial sectors.

Media Contact: DAB Chairperson Starry Lee Wai-King (7770-0820)

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