The government must address the issues of a highly concentrated auto-fuel market



At the 19 July 2018 meeting of the Legislative Council Panel on Economic Development, the Environment Bureau responded to the Competition Commission “Report on Study into Hong Kong’s Auto-fuel Market” (May 2017 ). On the government only accepting the Commission recommendations on requiring the display of price information on boards at petrol fuel stations (PFSs) and in splitting large PFS sites into smaller PFSs, DAB Legislative Councilor Holden Chow is of the view that not only is the follow up work by the government insufficient the government, it is reflective of the administration’s failure to address the problems and its passiveness in policy response. Therefore, Holden Chow moved, without notice, a motion that was subsequently carried, to urge the government to proactively consider the various recommendations the Competition Commission Report had set out.

Holden Chow’s motion is as follows:

“This panel urges the government to proactively increase the number of petrol filling stations in the HKSAR, review the tendering system for the petrol filling station sites, and study ways to reintroduce petrol of 95 octane rating. At the same time, the government should find ways to provide terminal warehouses for new operators to import fuel and to explore other sources of fuel supply in order to resolve the issue of the highly concentrated auto-fuel market, enhance competition in the auto-fuel market, lower the prices of petrol and protect the rights of consumers.”