The feedback of 12/6 extreme behaviours and conducts



All friends in the press,

There was, as we all could see, another unprecedented deadlock in the LegCo meeting yesterday (12/6).

The roads to LegCo had been sealed, by hundreds of protesters, masked with helmets, long before most members of ours could even begin to go close. As a result, a great number of members was kept away, leading finally a halt of the 2nd reading of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance (amendment) from its resumption.

The President had no alternatives but postponed the meeting until further notice. In the meanwhile, conflicts gave rise to injuries to police officers and protesters.

Much have been said before and times and times again on the unique features of HK in having differences in opinion aired out by people from all walks of life, there was no exception to this occasion, save & except that the extreme views taken by those objecting have invoked this time a large number of young people to advance and step forward in seeking to break the police defence line, in a way involving violence with throwing bricks & sharpened steel rods.  These must be the wrongful acts, criminal in nature, that Hong Kong people do and shall strongly reprimand against!

Pending any further arrangement of resumption meeting in due course, we members can but call for those protesters to remain calm and sensible, so as not to deteriorate the already chaotic situation in LegCo, nor to jeopardise its constitutional duties and function, not to mention the long established rule of law and the spirit of justice in HK.

The young people today will be those main pillars of HK tomorrow. Extreme behaviours and conducts not only bring about injuries to their own physique and that of all others around including police officers in the forefront who were only executing their duties, as well as damages to their future, but will also tear further apart the already torn relationship among peaceful citizens at large.

Constructive measures in remedy of the chaos must be catered for by the parties in difference, and by our society as a whole. It is therefore suggested that more efforts are to be put on better and closer scrutiny of the Bill rather than outright denial of it.


Media Inquiries: DAB Chairperson Councilor Starry Lee