The DAB strongly condemns Benny Tai for promoting the spurious concept of “Hong Kong independence”


The DAB is appalled by the comments made in Taiwan by HKU Law Associate Professor Benny Tai about the ridiculous possibility of Hong Kong “becoming an independent country”. We express our strongest condemnation of this ridiculous statement by Benny Tai.

Benny Tai is a “legal scholar” and must be completely clear that the first article of the Basic Law states that “The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region is an inalienable part of the People’s Republic of China.” But Benny continued to cooperate with separatist groups outside Hong Kong borders and continued to promote the spurious concept of so-called “Hong Kong independence”. Any and all people of Chinese ethnicity must feel tremendous anger at such words.

In order to deflect his own responsibility, Benny Tai tried to blame the HKSAR government as using this to set up a scenario to enact Article 23. He wants to deflect attention and attract sympathy. The DAB must strictly correct the record, as Article 23 is a matter of national security and it is the responsibility of the HKSAR government to enact it. This has absolutely nothing to do with Benny Tai’s actions which contravene the Basic Law.

“Hong Kong independence” contravenes both the Constitution and the Basic Law. It has no outlets, and will not be accepted by the people of Hong Kong. Continuing down this dead end will only destroy Hong Kong. The DAB deeply hopes that Benny Tai and others who promote this dead-end ideology will give up this useless exercise that will benefit neither our Nation nor Hong Kong.

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