The DAB’s Six Wishes for Christmas



During the Christmas season, the DAB Communications and Public Relations Committee held a special Christmas party with the media! Our 12 Legislative Councilors, DAB Vice Chairperson Chan Yung, Vice-Secretary Vincent Cheng, Chairperson of Communications & Public Relations Committee Eric Tam and the committee’s Ngan Man-Yu and Kwan Ho-Yeung were also in attendance at our Christmas celebration. While we played games, we divided the DAB members and the media into teams and everyone tried their best to win, leading to a fun atmosphere!

Meanwhile, On Christmas Eve, DAB Chairperson Starry Lee on behalf of DAB, expressed the wishes related to welfare and standard of living. These include asking the government to cut salaries tax, increase the housing supply, improve medical services, improve elderly welfare and promote measures to alleviate poverty. She also hopes that Legco will return to its proper function so as to achieve smooth governance and social harmonious.

Finally, the DAB wishes everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!​