The DAB’s Proposals for the forthcoming Policy Address and Budget – 24 Measures


1.Increase subsidized tertiary school places and designate a fund to encourage further studies so as to provide more education alternatives for students.

2.Guarantee the right of local children to attend schools near their homes. Implement 15 years of free education as soon as possible.

3.Step up supports for children with learner diversity needs.

4.Assist ethnic minority children in strengthening Chinese language skills.

5.Subsidize parental expenses with an aim to encourage local child bearing.

6.Establish a retirement protection scheme as well as allowing Hong Kong elderly living in Fujian to apply for Old Age Allowance.

7.Shorten the waiting time for the subsidized residential care places for the elderly. Build Hong Kong as an elderly-friendly city without barriers.

8.Extend the scope of subsidized vaccination schemes. Show more concern towards genetic and rare diseases.

9.Tackle medical manpower shortage so as to shorten waiting time for health care.

10.Expedite the construction of more public housing and Home Ownership Scheme flats.

11. Relocate the Tsing Yi oil depot to unleash more urban space.

12.Increase community facilities and improve the living environment.

13.Support owners of old flats with one-stop services. Reform the regulation of overhanging advertisement signboards.

14.Facilitate the development of the recycling industry. Tackle the problems of landfill.

15.Unleash the unused space of crossovers and subways to promote public arts.

16.Make good use of public transport network to host international cycling competitions.

17.Proactively participate in the development of Qianhai, Nansha and Hengqin.

18.Establishing a border business and shopping centre to foster economic development. Explore feature tourist spots in each of the 18 Districts.

19.Build Hong Kong as an Intellectual Property (IP) trading centre and expedite the development of the innovative and technology industry.

20.Utilize the strengths of Hong Kong brands and facilitate the development of food manufacturing industry and pharmaceutical industry.

21.Formulate an all round development strategy for local agriculture and fisheries industries.

22.Establish an ad hoc committee for the diversified development of Lantau Island.

23.Alleviate livelihood burdens with tax concession.

24.Materialize the universal suffrage of the Chief Executive and enhance governance.

Press contact: The Chairperson of the DAB, Legislative Councilor Tam Yiu Chung 7770 0708

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