The DAB Roundtable Meeting on the Government’s Investment of $500 million into our Education System


The next Chief Executive Ms. Carrie Lam has said that she would invest $500 million into our education system, and the DAB supports this action because education policy is very important to our society. In order to see how this money can best be put to use to reform local schools, the DAB held a roundtable meeting and brainstorming session on this very topic. We invited pioneers and leaders in the preschool, elementary, secondary and postsecondary education systems to meet with us and to hold an exchange on strategy, to think of methods to improve our future educational system.

This Roundtable discussion was jointly hosted by DAB chairperson Starry Lee, DAB Spokesperson on Education Horace Cheung and the chairperson of LegCo Panel on Education Ann Chiang. Our honoured guests included: Chairperson of the Education University of Hong Kong Past Student’s Association of Early Childhood Teacher Education Ms. Ada Mak, Chairperson of the Hong Kong Aided Primary School Heads Association Mr. Lai Chi-Man, Chairperson of the Hong Kong Association of the Heads of Secondary Schools Ms. Li Suet-Ying and President of the Hang Seng Management College Prof. Simon Ho. The Hang Seng Management College was also represented by Dr. Shirley Yeung, while the Vice Chair of the Hong Kong Teacher’s College Mr. Hui Chun-Lung also attended. Rounding out the guest list were the Chairman of the Committee on Home-School Co-operation Mr. Henry Tong, the Vice Chair of the Hong Kong Federation of Education Workers Dr. Chan Cheuk-Hei and Assistant Professor at Tung Wah College Dr. Frances Lee.

During the Roundtable meeting, the guests offered up many realistic proposals. This included using the financial resources to improve the conditions and qualifications provided for preschool teachers, reducing class sizes in elementary schools, addressing the issue of unfairly low salaries given to elementary school teachers, solving the issue of shrinking intake of students that eventually lead to school closure, reducing the workload on teachers in order to keep young and passionate teachers, providing more multifaceted curriculums and courses than those currently available, providing to private schools with a record of excellence, increasing the number of accredited post-secondary institutions to allow more qualified secondary school graduates to take up post-secondary education. The advice and proposals provided by our guests were varied and well thought through.

The DAB will sort through the suggestions and will provide them to the HKSAR government in a single proposal. We hope that the next Chief Executive can understand the wishes of the educational sector and therefore work accordingly to implement a better and more suitable educational policy for the greater good of Hong Kong.

Media Contact: DAB Spokesperson on Education and Legislative Councilor Horace Cheung (9681 8757)