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The DAB responded to Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Bill

May 31, 2023

The DAB supported the government to establish a mandatory mechanism for reporting child abuse. We believed it would help professionals more accurately judge the severity of cases and intervene in a timely manner, in order to protect abused children.

During the early stages of the implementation of the mechanism, the government should provide policy explanation and continuous training for professionals to ensure that they thoroughly understand the mechanism. We also requested the government to strengthen the training of frontline personnel.

In order to manage a sudden increase in the number of reported cases, the government should prepare adequate support services, such as emergency childcare services, hospital treatment services etc., to allow infants and young children involved to be placed in proper care in a timely manner.

The government has to conduct regular reviews of the mechanism to ensure that the Mandatory Reporting of Child Abuse Law would be effectively and fairly implemented.

Press enquiries:

DAB LegCo member Stanley Li (9797 7393)

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