The DAB proposal regarding Disneyland was approved



DAB Legislative Councilor Holden Chow presented a proposal regarding how to utilize vacant land prior to the Phase 2 expansion of Hong Kong Disneyland at the meeting of the Panel on Economic Development. This was to prevent the land being idle and to increase its tourism value. The proposal was approved and passed on 26th February, 2018.

Holden’s proposal was divided into two main parts. One was? to urge the government to discuss with the Walt Disney Company (TWDC) on the best ways to utilize the vacant land of the HKD Phase 2. For example it can lease the land under short-term tenancy or use it as recreational facilities before the expansion and these can prevent the land from being idle and bring tourism benefits. Two is ? to require Disney to research how to use Hong Kong’s advantages in creative industries. The Disney should invest resources in proactively training animators and artists in Hong Kong to provide shared value between the Disney and Hong Kong.


Media Inquiries: Legislative Councilor and DAB Spokesperson for Economic Development Holden Chow 3703 9870