The DAB met with the Financial Secretary to promote further funding


With a record surplus of over $138 billion, this year’s Budget invests a lot into the future, promoting economic development and improving some services. Around $50 billion was put into tax relief and short term relief measures. However, this is insufficient and will be unable to take care of all residents in the grassroots. The DAB met with Financial Secretary Paul Chan and proposed these four extra projects to fund using the massive surplus the city has:

1.The Community Care Fund should quickly implement concrete measures to increase its coverage and to loosen the threshold for eligibility. This should be done to subsidize low-income earners who did not benefit from the Budget.

2.Cover the rent for some public housing tenants

3.Provide an electricity subsidy

4.Exempt University undergraduates from the repayment amount of the mean-tested loans of the Tertiary Student Finance Scheme-publicly-funded Programmes (TSFS).

We hope that the government can implement these additional measures as soon as possible and allow ALL residents of Hong Kong to benefit from our economic growth. This would really achieve the goal of love and concern for all residents of Hong Kong.

Media Inquiries: DAB Vice Chairperson and Legislative Councilor Gary Chan (7770 0829)