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The DAB inspected work on retrofitting automatic platform gates at East Rail Line

May 4, 2023

Ben Chan, DAB LegCo member and Chairman of the Subcommittee on Matters Relating to Railways, along with Gary Chan, DAB LegCo member and Chairman of the Panel on Security, had the privilege of accepting an invitation from the MTR Corporation to conduct an inspection of the ongoing work on retrofitting automatic platform gates at Racecourse Station along the East Rail Line.

Ben Chan expressed his satisfaction as the DAB had been tirelessly advocating for the implementation of automatic platform gates in all stations along the East Rail Line for over a decade. Witnessing the official commencement of this crucial project was a moment of great joy for him. He emphasized the importance of completing the work expeditiously to ensure the safety and well-being of passengers.

Gary Chan, drawing from a conversation with a senior construction engineer from the MTR, shared that the MTR Corporation is committed to installing and utilizing the new automatic platform gates simultaneously. This approach aims to expedite the utilization of the gates for the benefit of passengers. Additionally, the MTR Corporation will deploy dedicated staff to assist passengers at stations where the installation of the gates is only partially completed.

The DAB commends the MTR Corporation for their proactive efforts in prioritizing passenger safety and enhancing the overall travel experience. The DAB will continue to actively monitor and support the progress of this project, working hand in hand with the MTR Corporation to ensure the timely completion of the retrofitting of automatic platform gates along the East Rail Line.

Media enquiry:

DAB LegCo member Gary Chan (2524 9191 / 5275 5581) and Ben Chan (9274 7035)


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