The DAB Family Affairs Committee Urges to respect the opinions on the issue and to protect family...



The EOC’s press release of 20th May, 2017 contained criticism of EOC member Holden Chow’s decision to firmly defend family values. We feel that such criticism is unwarranted.

Holden Chow released a statement on the ruling of the court that the partners of same-sex “marriages” overseas can receive welfare benefits locally. He requested that the government appeal this decision, and Holden did this because he himself strongly believed in defending family values and used his rights as a Hong Kong resident under the Basic Law. We feel that Committee member Holden Chow respects family values and hoped that the courts can solve the issue that contains long reaching consequences for Hong Kong society in a reasonable and legal manner. Such a viewpoint does not contradict the necessity of an EOC member to “protect the image of and follow the positions of the EOC.”

We hope that the EOC will follow a tolerant attitude that respects diverse voices in society. The most important part of this process is that the EOC and the EOC chair should listen to the voices of various sections of society and those of their own committee members. The EOC should respect those with different backgrounds and those who possess deep professional experience and knowledge in all the EOC committee members. This is because the only way to understand the broad opinions of society is to listen to and understand the various sectors of society and to ease their fears. Then, together we can set up a mutually respectful, equal, tolerant and harmonious society here in Hong Kong.


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