The DAB Family Affairs Committee urges a judicial appeal


(May 25, 2017) Earlier the High Court decided that a Civil Servant who had a same-sex marriage overseas could share his benefits with his partner. The DAB Family Affairs Committee is deeply concerned about this case and is monitoring it very closely.

We wish to reiterate that a marriage is strictly between a man and a woman and this has been the law of the land here and this is the only system in which it is permissible to have children. The marriage law is very important to upholding familial stability in Hong Kong, The ruling of the court on this case have a long term impact on both the family values of Hong Kong and government policies. Therefore, we urge the government to appeal this ruling in order to protect family values.

Legislative Councilor Mr. Holden Chow has expressed that “many Hong Kong residents are following this case, especially those who support traditional marriage that involves one man and one woman. This ruling has undoubtedly challenged traditional family values, therefore the government must appeal this ‘ruling’. We oppose any discrimination against people with different sexual orientations, but are also against any legalization of same-sex marriage. This is because same-sex marriage attacks and destroys social values and relationships and the definition of the family. It will affect the well-being of the next generation and government policy and so forth. The problem is complicated and involves the entire society of Hong Kong. The general public of Hong Kong should not ignore developments on this issue”.

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DAB Vice-Chair and Legislative Councilor Holden Chow (9466-4916)