The DAB Family Affairs Committee Tea Reception with the Media on its hopes for the Budget



The DAB Family Affairs Committee (“the Committee”) held a tea reception with the media during the Lunar New Year and proposed family measures for the upcoming Budget.

The Hong Kong economy boomed over the past year. Conservative estimates showed that the government surplus was sitting at around $150 billion. We believe that under such circumstances the government must use its surplus to benefit the people and families of the city as well as develop the economy and invest in the future. We also believed that the government should invest in family issues and provide for the needs of diverse families.

Also, in order to spread information on core family values and caring for families, the Committee has run a magazine “We are Family” from 2015 to the present. The newest edition (7th edition) is now published and we introduced this to everyone at the tea reception.

This edition focused on “stress relief” as its main topic. We invited professionals from many fields to share the way to relieve stress. We invited legislative councilor Elizabeth Quat to share ways to relieve stress with everyone. At the same time, we invited TCM professionals and psychologists to also share methods to relieve stress and adjust mindset.


Media Inquiries: DAB Family Affairs Committee Chairperson Jacqueline Chung 5109 8058​