The DAB approves of the Court Ruling that the Oaths of the Four Disqualified legislators are Invalid


We approve of the ruling of the High Court that the oaths of Lau Siu-Lai, Nathan Law, Edward Yiu and Leung Kwok-Hung were invalid and the announcement that all four have lost their seats in the Legislative Council dating retroactively to October 2016.

The DAB believes that the High Court made the ruling based on the Basic Law, the decision of the Standing Committee of the NPC and according to the Oaths and Declarations Ordinance, and we can see how they made the ruling based on the original source material.

We reiterate that the authority of the Basic Law cannot be questioned. Hong Kong is a society run by Rule of Law and as such nobody can challenge the Basic Law or related laws. This ruling is effective in protecting the Basic Law, the Rule of Law in Hong Kong and the dignity of the Legislative Council.

Media Contact: DAB Chairperson Starry Lee Wai King (7770-0820)​

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