The DAB announces the results of its survey on the financial cost of putting a child in school



Every summer, parents are busy to purchase textbooks, school uniforms and backpacks for their children as they prepare to go back to school. In early and mid-August the DAB Family Affairs Committee interviewed 446 parents of preschool, elementary school and secondary school students in order to understand the cost they have pay to prepare their children for school and to petition the government to provide more financial support for parents in Hong Kong.

2.Survey methods:

Survey objective: To understand the situation on how much money parents are paying to prepare their children for school.

Survey period: 1st August to 15th August, 2017

Survey questions: A total of 10 questions

Survey subjects: Parents with children in secondary, elementary or preschool

Eligible responses: 446 persons (secondary school 154 persons, elementary school 215 persons and preschool 77 persons.


The survey discovered that in comparison to 2015, the financial outlay for families with secondary school children has grown inexorably. Most parents believe that the price of textbooks has gone up from last year. Almost half of the parents surveyed believe that the price of textbooks has risen the most compared with other expenditures. To control the quickly rising costs of textbooks, the DAB feels that the Education Bureau should begin thinking with a new mindset to deal with the current situation. This includes publishing “concise textbooks” for a lower cost for schools and setting the “textbook cost” as one of the criteria for textbook selection by the Bureau.

Also, the government should set up the tax deduction on children’s education expenditure and re-implement the Student Travel Scheme (commonly known as the Student Travel Card Scheme) both of which will ease the financial burden on parents. At the same time, the government should help cover the costs of children from lower-income families to attend school and extracurricular activities through improving the “Student Travel Subsidy Scheme” and the regular implementation of the “Low-income schoolchildren’s extracurricular activity subsidy”.

4.Survey Results (只提供中文版)