The Bus Companies should provide comprehensive concessionary fares for students


Buses are an important means of transport within Hong Kong. Many students take the bus to and from school on a daily basis, and currently the bus companies in Hong Kong do not provide comprehensive concessionary fares for students. The YoungDAB feels that as the bus companies should meet their social and corporate responsibilities as they make up an important part of transit within Hong Kong and are an important means of travel for the grassroots. The YoungDAB hopes and expects the bus companies to provide comprehensive concessionary fares to students and to help lower the commuting costs for kids and teens. Earlier, the YoungDAB collected 10,560 signatures from all 18 districts of Hong Kong in support of such measures.

Currently the MTR has the “MTR Student Travel Scheme” which can be imitated by the bus companies in offering fares slashed in half for 12-25 year old full time students and allowing students to take buses with a discounted fare. On the one hand, the bus companies can improve their corporate image while on the other hand from a business perspective they can attract more students to become passengers on their bus routes.

Between the demands of corporate responsibility and profit, we deeply believe that there can be a balance. We hope that the bus companies of Hong Kong can consider the proposal of the YoungDAB and provide financial assistance to the students of Hong Kong.

Media Contact: YoungDAB Chairperson and Kwun Tong District Councilor, Ngan Man-Yu (6660-2511)​


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