The amendments to the Rules of Procedure that allow Legco to return to its proper function


return to its proper function


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In recent years, the opposition camp has constantly filibustered in both the main chamber of Legco as well as within subcommittees. This has delayed a lot of funding and approval for policies that would have improved the standard of living for people and development of Hong Kong. The DAB held a petition supporting the pro-establishment camp’s proposal for amendments to the rules of procedure of the legislative council that allow the Legco return to its proper function.

The reason that the establishment camp proposed these amendments is to cut down on the opposition abusing loopholes within the rules of procedure. These amendments will allow Legco to perform its proper function of monitoring the government and proposing laws to the government.

When the establishment camp proposed these amendments, the opposition threw all pretense of respect for Legco out the window and tried to jump the queue, proposing a large number of motions in order to stop the debate on the original amendments from taking place. Up to the point where the debate on the rules of procedure came up, they continued to disrupt the proceedings and forced Legco to undergo many temporary breaks to deal with their outrageous behavior. They caused many meetings to be adjourned and wasted the debating time. From such behavior we can see that in their single minded determination to filibuster, they throw away all the dignity of Legco and their own dignity and are willing to do anything to filibuster. Their behavior was and is a disgrace and has inflicted a grave wound on Legco. Also, many opinion polls have shown that Hong Kong people already detest such filibusters and supported the amendments to the rules of procedure.

Thankfully we in the establishment camp were able to stand firm and face the vile insults of the opposition coolly and calmly, thereby ensuring that the amendments were passed. This allowed Legco to return to its proper function and to serve the people of Hong Kong.