Thank you for your support; We shall continue to work hard


The DAB candidate for the Kowloon West by-election was Vincent Cheng, who recieved 107,479 votes and beat his opponent while the other candidate we nominated was Bill Tang in New Territories East who received 152,904 votes. Unfortunately, he was unable to win a seat.

The DAB is deeply grateful to everyone who voted to support us in this by election. We also wish to thank our tireless volunteer teams and those from other pro-establishment parties who supported us from the bottom of our hearts. This was all to provide some positive energy to Legco and to return Legco to its proper function. Vincent will work hard in his duties to promote rational governance and to act as a constructive and positive influence in the chamber as we work together to solve the various economic and welfare issues of our city.

As Bill Tang was unable to win the New Territories East by-election, we will earnestly and honestly look at the reasons for the defeat and draw conclusions from this experience. Bill Tang will coninue to hold strong to his convictions and serve the people of Hong Kong.

Finally, we deeply thank again the Establishment parties and groups who came together as one to fight for these by-elections and went to polling stations to push for votes. We believe that the Establishment camp will continue to develop the economy of Hong Kong, to improve the welfare of the people and to cooperate to contribute to our Nation and Hong Kong.

Media Inquiries: DAB Chairperson Starry Lee (7770 0820)​