Terrific Performances at the Hong Kong Coliseum to Celebrate the DAB’s 25th Anniversary



To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the DAB, we held celebratory performances for two straight days at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 23rd and 24th September, 2017. Around 16,000 party members and people from various parts of society enjoyed the varied and terrific performances.

In her welcome speech Starry Lee expressed that the DAB once again entered the stage of the Hong Kong Coliseum. She said that the DAB has grown a lot in the intervening five years. She went on to say that after the difficulties of the founding period 25 years ago and going through many highs and lows the DAB is now a party with very stable roots, with over 35,000 members and 200 offices in all 18 districts to serve the residents of Hong Kong.

The DAB used “Standing by what is right and strive for results” as its slogan for its 25th anniversary. The meaning is that the DAB always works for the good of Hong Kong as a whole, that we will forward feasible proposals to and proactively monitor the government while promoting the stable forward progress and development of Hong Kong. The performances at the Hong Kong Coliseum were divided into four parts. Each theme emphasized the core ideas of the DAB, including “Loving our Nation and Hong Kong”, “Firmly defend ‘One Country, Two Systems’”, “implement a virtuous democracy” and “share the fruits of development”. The first performance was really amazing, as DAB founding members Mr. Jasper Tsang, Mr. Tam Yiu-Chung, Mr. Ip Kwok-Him and Mr. Chan Kam-Lam took part in a 4-person verbal comedy routine. We had specially hired famous scriptwriter Clifton Ko to script the performance, and the jokes making fun of current events from our four founding members flew in fast and furious, attracting great mirth in all of us. Also, 12 DAB and 4 FTU Legislative Councilors sung the patriotic songs “I’m Chinese” and “ Sail On” together with accompanying dancers to show our patriotism and love of our Nation.

Our last performance was a stirring rendition of our party song “Faithful to Hong Kong” by Starry Lee herself alongside the members of our DAB Standing Committee. This was to show that the DAB will continue to be Faithful to Hong Kong and look forward to having a better future.