Survey regarding the exercise habits of the general public



The survey results show that while the majority of residents understand the importance of physical exercise for health, the amount of exercise they undertake is generally seen as insufficient. Almost 30% of residents do not have the habit of regular exercise at all, while only 22.7% of residents exercise 3 or more hours per week. Almost 80% of residents believe that physical exercise plays a beneficial role in keeping healthy. Track and athletics are the most common sport (23.1%) undertaken by local residents out of the ones available. Also, almost 55% of residents feel that local athletic facilities in Hong Kong are insufficient. Almost 45% of residents are dissatisfied with how the HKSAR government promotes and develops sport and the sports industry.

To respond to the survey results, the DAB proposes that the government should strengthen its promotion of sports and encourage residents to exercise more often through its policies. Also, the government perfect the construction of athletic grounds and other such facilities while also improving their administration and the facilities themselves. The government should set up a smart internet service system to book sports facilities in order to stop speculation and abuse of the facilities themselves. In regards to promoting sports events and the sports industry, the DAB proposes the government should arrange to hold more major competitions and big sports events that will attract locals and tourists to participate and therefore help develop the tourism and sports industries.


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