Survey on youth job satisfaction


The YoungDAB held a survey from January 12th to 25th to understand the employment situation and job satisfaction of local young people aged 18-35.

In summary, it is very common for today’s young people to work overtime. Basically they enjoy more or less good relationships with co-workers, but they are neither satisfied with their workload nor with their salary or benefits. They are not confident in being promoted or enjoying a salary raise in the coming year. Young people are skeptical about the future development of the companies they work for, but they have belief in their own futures and development. For example, they believe that they will be able to find the job they love in the future.

Therefore, we have the following proposals in regards to youth employment and training:

1.Promote the importance of Career Planning

– Allocate additional resources to improve the quality of “career planning” activities within schools and check regularly on their effectiveness.

– Set up a “career planning” web-based resource platform for collecting and organizing the educational resources of different schools.

– Establish a unified curriculum outline and textbook support to allow each school to use such resources to tailor their own educational resources to their own situation.

2. Remodel the role and importance of university, sub-degree and high level diplomas in the educational system

– Increase the number of university places to meet the needs of the knowledge-based economy.

– Evaluate the different employment and talent needs of the future economy of Hong Kong and tailor the number of places for different kinds of degrees and diplomas.

– Set up a “sub-degree holders articulating to Mainland institutions” research group and broaden their opportunities to earn degrees on the Mainland and increase the quota for such students.

– Find out ways to provide land for major Mainland universities to set up private universities in Hong Kong.

3.Strengthen the support services for youth entrepreneurs

– Set up a youth entrepreneurship fund and create more opportunities for young people to create new businesses.

– Speed up the policy of revitalizing factory buildings and allow them to be used by young people to develop cultural and creative industries.

– Set up youth entrepreneur centres and provide market analyses, accounting and finance support. Offer business start-up training programmes and provide business guidance.

– Increase the incentives for property owners to participate in the Space Sharing Scheme for Youth through tax incentives for examples allowances on property taxes, profits tax allowances, etc.

– Review current idleness and usage of government properties and study to turn vacant schools, public factory buildings and the Chai Wan Youth Square into youth sharing spaces.

– Set up “Youth Employment Start” centres in Kowloon East, New Territories East and on Hong Kong Island.

– Promote the development of innovation and technology and commercialize the university research results and foster innovation and technology ventures.

4. Increase the training opportunities for youth

– Increase the Continuing Education Fund (CEF) to $20,000 and allow applicants to receive it without limit.

– Promote the practice of”first-hire-then-train” basis to offer employment and increase the subsidy for job training to reduce the financial burden on SMEs.

– Think of ways to change the form of payment for on-the-job training. Allow employees to use part of their salary to pay training fees in the “attend class first, then pay fees later” model. This can assist young employee in training.

5.Promote vocational education

– Strengthen the acceptance of vocational education and improve its image while increasing the numbers of places.

– Encourage schools, training organizations and businesses to cooperate and promote an apprenticeship scheme”. Together they can provide young people with a suitable apprenticeship and skill training curriculum and allow students to go to school part time and go through their apprenticeship part time.

– Provide incentives and enhance the image of industry. Increase the training opportunities to encourage young people to participate in industries which need people. These include inno-tech industries, the testing and certification industry and the construction industry as well as others.

– Subsidize young people to enroll in courses run by enterprises that are recognized by the government’s qualifications framework through the means of self-funded degrees or the CEF. Provide these incentives for young people to enter these business-run schools.

– Through the cooperation of the public and private sectors, encourage the hiring of young people with limited work experience and have the public and private sectors share the financial costs of such an arrangement.

Media Inquries:

YoungDAB Chairperson and Kwun Tong District Councilor Ngan Man-Yu (6600 2511)

YoungDAB Vice Chairperson and Sha Tin District Councilor Alvin Chiu (9713 9850)