Strong opposition to “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act”

27 Sept, 2019

The DAB expresses its strong dissatisfaction with the passage of the “Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act” in two committees of the US Congress. The affairs of the HKSAR are strictly the internal affairs of China and cannot be interfered with by any outside powers. The actions of American politicians inserting themselves in this matter is a severe attack on China’s sovereignty over its internal affairs. It is a severe breach of international law and the basis of international relations and must be firmly opposed.

Since the Handover, Hong Kong has always implemented One Country, Two Systems, Hong Kong people running Hong Kong and a high degree of autonomy under the Basic Law. The people of Hong Kong enjoy unprecedented rights and freedoms, societal stability and economic development. However, some American politicians have always been hostile to China’s development and utilized the Sino-US trade dispute and the controversy over the extradition bill in Hong Kong with various methods to encourage a group of radicals in Hong Kong to riot and perform violent acts. This so-called “Hong Kong human rights and democracy act” is simply one more way for them to do so.

The eyes of the Hong Kong people are clear. The actions of the radicals are said to be for “freedom and democracy” but in actuality they destroy the peace of society and gravely harm the safety and rights of other Hong Kong people. The radicals’ actions have an extremely detrimental effect on One Country, Two Systems as well as law and order here in Hong Kong. Those American politicians, who threw away international law and the basis of international relations to encourage the radicals, did so simply for the purpose of harming the development of China and pushing the pure self-interest of the US. This is not in the interests of Hong Kong people at all. The DAB resolutely demand them to stop interfering in Hong Kong affairs and to cease and desist from encouraging the violent and unlawful acts of the radicals.