Seminar on China’s Visa and Entry Card: To Facilitate Applications of China Travel Documents for our


Cases and problems on applications of China’s Visa and Entry Permit are always being heard from Hong Kong permanent residents of the non-Chinese Nationals. This concern is raised throughout the decade but improvements are only taking place gradually. On 30th March 2019, DAB Ethnic Minorities Committee held a seminar on China’s Visa and Entry Permit and invited officers from the Entry Permit Department and the Chinese Visa Department of China National Travel Service Company. Important notes and criterion for applying the two travel documents are discussed in the seminar. Concerns on the identity of the ethnic minorities’ residents, such as the definition of Chinese Nationals and Neutralization procedure, have also been addressed.

In response to some of the concerns and requests on relaxation of multiple-entries visa or a possible permit specifically issued for Hong Kong permanent non-Chinese national residents, DAB will continue to advocate for the local ethnic minorities’ community to the Chinese central government. Meanwhile, as mentioned in the seminar, non-Chinese Hong Kong Non-Permanent Identity Card holders are eligible for applying six-entries visa while non-Chinese Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card holders are allowed for applying multi-entry visas valid up to 3 years, with conditions applied.

We understand the needs and importance of our local non-Chinese residents and businessmen travelling to the Mainland as China and the cities around Hong Kong have been modernized rapidly. Moreover, as an international hub in the Greater Bay Area, service sector in Hong Kong, in which a large portion of ethnic minorities workforce participated, could serve as a gateway to the Belt-and-Road countries and facilitate a better business environment in the Area. Therefore, the idea of removing some barriers and enhancing the ease of access to the Mainland is indeed beneficial to everyone.

DAB EMC Chairman Mr. Derek Hung has listened to opinions from different ethnic minorities’ stakeholders during the seminar; a summary of the current situation and suggestions will be truly reflected to representatives of the Chinese government in Hong Kong.

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