Ring in the New Year and seize new opportunities


This telephone survey randomly chose 510 Hong Kong residents to interview in order to understand the sentiments that the general public has regarding themselves and our society over the past year and also their hopes and expectations for the New Year. This can inspire us on the policies targeting the society, economy and livelihood of Hong Kong over the past year in order that we can provide proposals to the government in the New Year. We hope that government policy will better reflect the will of the people in 2018 and promote social harmony and positive results.

This survey shows in terms of personal relationships with family and friends, the average scores were 3.87 and 3.99 respectively on a scale of 1 to 5 which are higher than average and this shows that Hong Kong people are generally satisfied with their personal relationships. In terms of their economic circumstances, the average rating was 2.98 which is lower than average which shows that people are cautious about their economic prospects. Their general happiness rating averaged 3.38 which shows that people are still relatively optimistic. In terms of their rating for society, 33.3% of respondents felt that the Hong Kong politics in 2017 was complicated and therefore difficult to rate properly. When it came to rating the economy, 29.2% of respondents felt satisfied with the economy in 2017 but 26.5% felt that the economy was stagnant. This shows that the government must focus strongly on economic development in the future.

46.4% of respondents felt that the Hong Kong-Mainland relationship is close and smooth. The “amendments to the rules of procedure for Legco” and the “disqualification of six legislative councilors” were tied for being the most memorable for 2017 among survey respondents, with 21.2% each. When we asked them on their predictions for 2018 what they hoped the government would solve in the coming year, 36% felt that “(2018) will definitely be an improvement on 2017” while “political conflict” and “high housing prices” were the two biggest issues that respondents felt the government should solve in 2018 at 24.5% and 30.3% respectively.

The DAB feels that the survey results can be summed up by “ring in the New Year and seize new opportunities”. In order to respond to the voice of the people, we will make our proposals to the government and hope that they will be able to do better next year and allow Hong Kong society to move forward by taking this historic opportunity!​