Response to the Housing Authority’s Cover-up of Home Ownership Scheme Applications Miscount Incident



In response to the cover-up by the Hong Kong Housing Authority (HA) of its White Form Home Ownership Scheme (HOS) flats application miscount for this quarter, HA member and Legislative Councilor Wilson Or expresses shock and feels that this is akin to the 2015 incident, in which the flat selection process was incorrectly carried out. Wilson believes this to be due to the HA’s failure to learn from its past mistakes. Wilson finds the HA’s failure to report and admit to the miscount incident publicly despite having full knowledge of it since its occurrence to be incredulous; he also suspects that the HA intended to keep it in the dark to elude being found out.

Wilson is concerned with the repercussions of HA’s cover-up attempt — damaging public trust and the people’s confidence in the application process. The HA, having committed one mistake after another, risks bringing onto itself a pubic confidence crisis on the HA internal oversight and management capabilities. In addition, the oversubscription number is a sensitive market indicator; for the HA to release erroneous information like this, Wilson is concerned with its effect on the secondhand market for HOS flats. He has requested that the HA give an official account of whether the incident had impacted applicants’ chances of purchasing HOS flats.

Wilson points out that the incident reflects making online applications available by HA is long overdue. It would streamline administrative procedures and would eliminate human error in reporting number of applications.