Public Swimming Pool Survey Result



The survey showed that 43.3% of respondents feel that one cleaning a week for swimming pools is insufficient. 28.5% of respondents expressed their dissatisfaction with the hygiene and cleanliness within changing rooms and lavatories at swimming pools, and 36.8% were dissatisfied with the water quality of the pool itself. 9.4% of respondents said that they have had something stolen at swimming pools. 29.1% have seen other swimmers use phones or cameras in the pool. Also, the majority of respondents felt that the price for admission was reasonable, but 41% still felt the price was relatively expensive.

The DAB proposes that the government should improve the facilities and administration of swimming pools and proactively improve the environmental hygiene and water quality of swimming pools. Regarding the safety and privacy issues at pools, we request the government to improve the level of security in changing rooms, increase the number of crime-prevention patrols and prevent cases of stealing. At the same time, the government should strengthen its communication and education efforts and teach local residents not to take photos or film within the pool, to prevent the use of cameras or phones within changing rooms and finally for patrons of swimming pools to watch out for their own belongings. The government should adjust the price of admission for swimming pools and promote cheaper ticket packages to different groups of people who need such financial assistance. ​