Provision of FREE HPV Vaccines



Cervical cancer is amongst the 10 most common cancers in Hong Kong. DAB Women’s Affairs Committee is always concerned about this issue and has organised numerous surveys and petitions to promote public awareness of the importance of taking regular tests and receiving vaccination.

Medical research indicates that most cases of cervical cancer are caused by HPV (human papillomavirus) infection. Effective HPV vaccine was only successfully developed in recent years and many countries have already started providing free HPV vaccinations for women aged 9 – 15. According to local and overseas research, the younger a person receives HPV vaccination the more effective the prevention of cervical cancer. In Hong Kong, the vaccines are only available at private clinics or medical institutions, charging around HK$3,000.

DAB recommends:

1.Starting with the introduction of free HPV vaccinations to girls from CSSA Recipient families, to be financed by the Community Care Fund, aiming at extending free vaccinations to all girls of the relevant age cohort in Hong Kong eventually;

2.Introduction of an HPV vaccination programme in public hospitals;

3.Provision of free smears tests every three years to all women in Hong Kong; and

4.Enhancement of healthcare education to women.