Proposal to Improve Elderly Care Increase the asset limit for OALA recipients



In his final Policy Address, Mr. CY Leung announced a lot of measures to help the elderly, including increasing the asset limit for seniors applying for financial aid and cancelling the “bad son statement” limitations. He also announced a “high tier of assistance” for those on the OALA, giving additional funds to those already on the OALA. However, many seniors have told us that the Policy Address hasn’t quite met their hopes and those of the general public, especially as the asset limit is still too low, forcing out many seniors in the “sandwich class” from receiving assistance. Therefore, the DAB advises the government to do the following:

•Increase the asset limit for a high tier of assistance to not more than $300,000.

•Increase the general OALA asset limit to not more than $800,000.

•Retain the age of eligibility to apply for elderly financial assistance to 60 years of age.

•Lower the age of qualification to waive the financial review for the OAA to 65.

•Find ways to provide OALA funds to those in the “Guangdong scheme” and “Fujian scheme”.

The DAB hopes that the relevant bureaus can respond to our requests and suggestions, and both alleviate poverty and allow our seniors to enjoy their golden years with financial ease of mind

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