Press Conference on the 2018-2019 Budget regarding Ethnic Minorities


There are a total of 263,593 ethnic minorities in Hong Kong, constituting 3.8% of the population in Hong Kong. The ethnic minorities are important to our society. However, the ethnic minorities often encounter difficulties in seeking employment, e.g. discrimination. Providing employment support services to ethnic minorities not only help them to improve the quality of life, it also increases the quantity of the labour force into the market. In fact, many ethnic minorities have diverse cultural background and are proficient in ethnic language skills, which is a unique talent to help developing business in the Belt and Road countries. If their potential can be fully unleashed with suitable employment support from the government, we believe that they can be a great asset to Hong Kong Society.

During the meeting of the Panel on Public Service on 26 February 2018, Dr. Chiang Lai Wan, DAB Legco Member, moved a motion to urge the Government to set aside 3% of Civil Service posts for non-ethnic Chinese with designated language competencies in order to promote racial integration and improve provision of services for all races in Hong Kong. The motion was passed.

We are glad that the government has finally earmarked $500 million to strengthen support to ethnic minority in the Budget 2018-2019 after years of conveying the needs of ethnic minorities to the government. We will pursue the government to spend a portion of this budget on enhancing employment support and vocational training for ethnic minorities, as well as expanding the special employment programs of the Labour Department to cover ethnic minorities in Hong Kong.

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