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The DAB urges the Chief Executive to meet the hopes of society, implement and follow up on the suggestions made by the DAB, such as improving the relationship between the Executive and the Legislature, improving the level of governance, working to alleviate the polarization in society, develop the economy, and work on livelihood issues for everyday people. The government should take the opportunity to remove obstacles and implement the long backlog on important projects. We also hope that the various sectors of Hong Kong society can put aside their division, think of the common good, and work together to set a new path for Hong Kong.

DAB has multiple proposals regarding the 2017 policy address and budget. Highlights include:

A. Livelihood Issues and Improving Society

Increase the amount of housing units and open land for development

1.Set up a multi-platform forum to discuss ways to increase land supply and reach a consensus on this issue.

2.Increase the supply of Public Housing so that the goal of “three years on the waitlist” is met, while introducing the Rent Allowance Scheme in the meantime for those still on the waitlist.

Improve Community Facilities and Community Planning

3,We should open more wet public markets and expand the supply of store stalls in existing markets to counteract the monopolization of food markets and to provide choices for consumers.

4.The government should set up a “Community Development Fund” to quickly applicate and allocate funds to urgent local projects that will improve the community’s welfare.

Improve and Help the Maintenance of Buildings

5.We should set up a Building Maintenance Authority to provide funding and engineering consultancy services for building owners, while stopping attempts to rig or manipulate the job tender process.

6.Implement the third round of the “Operation Building Bright” so that both building safety and civic aesthetics can be improved.

7.The Urban Renewal Authority (URA) should implement the “Fire Safety Support Scheme” to provide professional and funding assistance to homeowners and tenants.

Ensure labour welfare

8.Look for a consensus between all parties to look for the best way to remove the MPF’s hedging mechanism.

9.The HKMA should administer the MPF in order that it can best help Hong Kong residents by ensuring the appropriate return for all funds.

Improve educational policy

10.Turn Chinese history back into its own independent subject and make it a core requirement in school, and including more modern history in the curriculum.

Protect consumer rights

11.Improve and implement the Competition Ordinance and include private actions rights to ensure consumer rights. The government should increase its number of investigations into anti-competition measures.

Protect family values

12.Research ways to increase the 10 weeks of paid maternity leave.

Taking care of the elderly and the young

13.Implement the Universal Retirement Protection Scheme for all workers as soon as possible and increase the asset limit of the Old Age Living Allowance. Also lower the eligibility age for the Higher Old Age Allowance and the Elderly Health Care Voucher Scheme to 65.

14.We should expand the size of the newly issued silver bonds to 6 billion HKD and allow seniors above age 60 to participate. The funds with which these seniors purchase the Silver bonds, and the interest they receive from these bonds, should not be counted as assets and income of the Old Age Living Allowance and Higher Old Age Allowance.

Serving the Common Good

15.Enact “Social Mobility Enhancement Committee” to encourage upward social mobility in society

16.We should think of increasing the annual circulation of inflation-related bonds to $20 billion HKD, as this will allow more people to benefit from them.

17.Work hard to solve the problem of fake refugees. Prosecute fake refugees caught in illegal work as crimes and help maintain law and order.

B. Developing a Diversified Economy

18.Seize the opportunities provided by “The Belt and Road” and the “Thirteenth Five-year plan” of the PRC to benefit entrepreneurs to develop their businesses and portfolios.

19.We should enact incentives to attract and promote new industries to develop and create a diverse array of industries that will improve our industrial structure.

20.Proactively create leisure facilities for agricultural and fisheries products and services. We should promote these agricultural and fishing activities as productive, leisure, educational and tourist activities all in one.

21.Enact laws for the administration of bed and breakfasts. Traditional villages, historic structures, natural beauty, gourmet cuisine and the cultural enrichment that comes from these experiences could become a major selling point for tourists seeking a unique experience.

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