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Our response to the latest preventive measures to the novel coronavirus



The government imposed a 14-day mandatory quarantine on all the people entering Hong Kong from the Mainland in accordance with the “Prevention and Control of Disease Ordinance and suspended the Kai Tak Cruise Terminal and the Ocean Terminal. That it is a step forward in controlling the spread of infection by reducing the number of cross-border travelers. We urge the government to quickly announce the details about the quarantine for citizens to collaborate, and explain the special arrangement for people serving in the forwarding and logistics sector to ensure that logistics services between the Mainland and Hong Kong will not be affected and avoid panic buying.

For the World Dream Cruise docked at Kai Tak Cruise Terminal, we urge the government to temporarily quarantine the ship until medical testing and the incubation period of the virus has passed. The government should contact the 206 passengers who left the cruise in late January as soon as possible for they may have been in contact with coronavirus patients and follow up on their cases to prevent the spread of infection.


Media Inquiries: DAB Legislative Councilor and spokesperson on Health Ann Chiang 25396111 / 97575225


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