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Our response to the further suspension of classes and exam postponements by the Education Bureau

2020.03.21 The Education Bureau (EB) announced that the DSE written tests, previously set to commence on March 27, will be postponed to April 24 while Chinese and English-language oral examinations will be canceled.  Classes of all schools which are originally scheduled to resume in phases on April 20 the earliest would be further suspended. The EB would announce details about class resumption three weeks ahead of the exact date. The decision to postpone the DSE and extend the suspension at this critical moment is understandable and it is necessary to protect the health of the students.

We expect the EB and the Examination and Assessment Authority (EAA) provide adequate support to all candidates in helping them to handle various problems emerged due to the postponement, especially those cross-border candidates receiving 14-day quarantine.

We are also concerned about the implementation of “suspending classes without suspending learning”.  The EB should provide provision and support to schools in formulating comprehensive and in-depth on-line teaching; and provide counselling services to parents suffered from long-term class suspension.

Meanwhile, the EB should research and discuss with various stakeholders the arrangements for summer vacation so as to allow schools, parents and students time to prepare.

On another front, applications to local and foreign universities by this year’s DSE takers may be adversely affected due to the DSE postponement.  The authority should look into the student admission arrangements of local universities to ensure that both candidates and parents will receive the latest news from the EB and from the universities in question on this issue.


Media Inquiries: DAB Legislative Councilor Horace Cheung (9681 8757)


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