Our response to the anniversary of the government’s announcement of its Long Term Housing Strategy



As this is the anniversary of the government’s announcement of its Long Term Housing Strategy, the DAB has the following response and reflection:

1) Basically the report is “remaining unchanged”. It would not change the goals for provision of public and private housing, the ratio between the two and the quota for subsidizing rent. We are disappointed in the fact that none of its three main goals have changed. This shows that the government hasn’t really adjusted its policy to meet with the needs of the people, and thereby failed to uphold the spirit of the Long Term Housing Strategy.

2) The waitlist for public housing continues to grow and currently stands at close to 300,000. This shows that the Strategy’s goal to provide only 200,000 public housing units over the next decade is completely insufficient. We feel that this goal should be increased and also attached to the promise of “three years on the waitlist or less”.

3) The land provided for private housing is already greater than the amount set for it in the “Long Term Housing Strategy”. The ratio between public and private housing should be adjusted to 6.5:3.5 or 7:3. At the very least, the excess land provided for private housing should be turned over to develop public housing. When preparing large tracts of land for housing development in the future, give greater priority to the construction of public housing.

4) HOS flats are oversubscribed. This shows that the need to subsidized housing is not less than the need for public housing. The current “Long Term Housing Strategy” of 8,000 subsidized units is less than the original “Long term housing strategy” quota of 9,000 subsidized units. This shows that the annual review is an appalling distance from reality.


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