Our Declaration on the DAB Manifesto


Today, the DAB affirms the ideas enshrined within our Manifesto.

We sincerely believe in the spirit of Loving the Nation and Loving Hong Kong. Hong Kong has been a part of China since ancient times. We are members of the Chinese race, we are proud of our identity as Chinese and Hong Kongers, and we hope to see a China that is unified and strong, where the people can live with dignity and contentment. We are willing to make contributions to this goal. We continue to support the return of Hong Kong to the Motherland, the successful implementation of “One Country, Two Systems”, and we continue to work hard in advancing Hong Kong’s prosperity and stability, allowing Hong Kong people to achieve their goals.

We firmly support and uphold “One Country, Two Systems.” “One Country, Two Systems” is an unprecedented approach to tackle what was then a new issue, therefore the fact that there has been challenges along the way of its implementation is expected. All stakeholders allow the greatest possible tolerance and patience in order to ensure the success of “One Country, Two Systems.” We believe that within the range of possible systems, whether past, present or future, “One Country, Two Systems” best serves both our nation and Hong Kong’s interests. Our faith in the principle is so strong that we believe not only should it not be changed for 50 years, it should be maintained thereafter.

We will work hard to implement a virtuous democracy. The development of democracy is the hope of Hong Kongers. We must work hard to create the conditions to implement full universal suffrage for both the CE and Legco elections. On top of this, the goal of democratic development shouldn’t only stop at that, we should also work hard to implementing a truly virtuous democracy, one that allots people with different opinions dignity and respect, a democracy that allows rational and knowledgeable debate on public issues, one that better protects individual rights and the rule of law, one that advances the common good in our society.

We propose sharing the fruits of development with the entire society. While economic development is a prerequisite for improving the quality of life for our residents, this imperative must be balanced with the need to ensure everyone gets a fair piece of this development pie. We propose the preservation of fairness in the market, support small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and eliminate monopolies. This will ensure more opportunities for upward social mobility and help the middle class and young people find a path to their goals and dreams. More importantly, we must proactively enact progressive economic policies that help redistribution to the poor in order to alleviate poverty. This will help ensure the welfare of our poorest and most vulnerable residents.

The DAB is a party that transcends barriers of social class. We will persist in fighting for the common good in Hong Kong society, adopting the principle of “telling it like it is.” We will proactively monitor the government and propose strategies for the administration. We will attach pragmatism and reason when we approach issues; we will communicate with different social sectors to help us come together, work hard for “win-win” solutions and advance the stability, prosperity and development of Hong Kong.