“Our Days in 6E” Movie Appreciation Night


The DAB Ethnic Minorities Committee held a Movie Appreciation Night on 7th October for the school-based film “Our Days in 6E”. We invited 200 ethnic minority youth and their families and volunteers to enjoy the film together at Olympian city. This movie was set in class 6E inside a school and portrays how students from different backgrounds including South Asians and new Mainland immigrants often had conflicts with underachieving local students due to cultural differences. Thankfully two teachers who believe in anti-discrimination decide to visit the student’s families and understanding their unique challenges. They are then able to open the hearts of the students to each other and mutually encourage each other and work as a team to win the school festival performance competition.

The DAB Ethnic Minorities Committee has always promoted community integration, and we hope that everyone who watched this film will take note of the messages being shown onscreen. Ethnic Minorities Committee Chairperson Derek Hung, DAB Vice Secretary Vincent Cheng, Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the HKSAR Mr. Li Wenbin, YoungDAB Chairperson Ngan Man-Yu and DAB Tsuen Wan District Councilor Nixie Lam were in attendance to support the film.