Opposing the ludicrous so-called “Hong Kong independence” and defending Hong Kong


Over the past period of time, university students have put up posters supporting the ludicrous concept of “Hong Kong independence”. Such ridiculous actions are a challenge to the sovereignty of our Nation and is in severe contravention of the Basic Law. We expect the police will sternly enforce the law accordingly. Persistence in going down the self-destructive path of supporting so-called “Hong Kong independence” will disrupt law and order, stir up conflict and further polarization in society, present a ridiculous but alarming challenge to our Nations’ sovereignty and destroy any chances that Hong Kong has at stable development. In early September, the DAB vice-chair, District Councilor Vincent Cheng, other District Councilors and over 10 residents went to the Wan Chai police headquarters for a petition and file a report requesting the Commissioner of Police Steven Lo to strictly enforce the law and follow up on this case.

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