Legislative Councilor Wilson Or responds to the “Well-Off Tenant Policy”


The DAB has always requested the government to shelve the new “well-off tenants policy” and hold a comprehensive public consultation on this issue. This is because the policy not only lacks statistical evidence for its effectiveness, it also creates a lot of bureaucratic paperwork and creates nuisance for the general public, basically creating red tape for the sake of red tape. Under the new policy, a family with 3-4 members will find it very hard to purchase a home on the open market even if they have some assets. As the number of subsidized homes are limited, the housing ladder cannot function properly and will force these so-called “wealthy tenants” to become “renters who can’t afford their rent” and add more pressure to the rentals market. What is the point of this? We reiterate that we oppose this new policy from October and request the HKSAR government to first shelve this policy, then hold a public consultation on it before considering backtracking from this policy.

Media Contact: DAB Spokesperson on Housing and Legislative Councilor Wilson Or (9546-6221)

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