Latest Information for Preventing H7N9



Hong Kong Government has confirmed the first human case of avian influenza H7N9 in Hong Kong on 2 December. The Government has raised the response level from ‘alert’ to ‘serious’ under its preparedness plan for influenza pandemic, including suspending the import of live chickens from three Shenzhen farms, and has notified Mainland authorities and the World Health Organization about the case.

The Hospital Authority has also announced the activation of Serious Response Level in public hospitals to tie in with the Government’s raising the response level of the Preparedness Plan for Influenza Pandemic from “Alert” to “Serious”. The frontline hospital staffs at Accident & Emergency Departments and general outpatient clinics are reminded to stay vigilant to patients seeking consultation at public hospitals. Enhanced surveillance and patient triage guidelines are in place to ensure timely reporting and early arrangement of clinical tests.

Serious Response Level activated in public hospitals

1.No visiting at isolation wards unless on compassionate ground

2.For general acute hospitals, visiting hours would be not more than two hours per day and not more than two visitors per visit

3.For convalescent hospitals, visiting hours would be not more than four hours per day and not more than two visitors per visit

4.Visitors to public hospitals and clinics are now required to put on surgical masks and perform hand hygiene before and after visiting patient areas

DAB remind YOU

1.Keep hands clean

2.Avoid contact with poultry and birds, or their droppings

3.Poultry and egg products must be cooked well

4.If you have respiratory symptoms or fever, wear a mask and see the doctor