Improve Medical Education Care for our Growing Kids


The DAB has always been invested in the growth and education of our children. We hope that society can train up a new generation of hands-on scholars who are healthy, have self-confidence and are invested in society. In recent years, the Hong Kong education system has seen some setbacks and hiccups, and a considerable amount of problems and pedagogical shortcomings have emerged within the system. Ignoring historical education and career preparation have affected the healthy development of the next generation, therefore this situation urgently needs improvement.

Therefore, we hope that the government will seek practical solutions to the following questions and reply to the following requests:

1.Make the teaching of Chinese history into its own independence and mandatory course. Also, widen the area it covers to more recent history and research how to increase the time spent on such a history course.

2.Review the educational procedures and courses, push for multifaceted learning, ease the educational burden on middle and elementary school students and increase life education for middle and elementary students in order to reduce the situation of suicide.

3.Establish an intra-bureau platform to coordinate a policy to help children with special needs in order to provide educational and healthcare support to them at each different level.

4.Strengthen career planning education, re-establish the career educational ladder, create a platform for comprehensive entrepreneurial support, and give more space for young people to develop.

5.Establish 15 years of free education as soon as possible, provide more whole day and long whole day kindergarten and preschool classes and re-establish a career ladder path for preschool and kindergarten teachers.

6.We should adjust the current timetable for the medical examination of preschool children, improve the “Student Health Service”, and give more frequent eyesight examinations and research how to improve the dental health of schoolchildren, hold independent eyesight examinations.

7.Increase the number of children’s medical vouchers and lessen the financial burden for medical services on families

8.Provide additional resources and encouragement for young people to join uniformed organizations. This will strengthen the teamwork skills of young people and encourage them to care for society. This will also help improve their interpersonal relationship skills and encourage healthy growth and maturity in young people.

News Contact: DAB Legislative Councilor and Spokesperson of the Education Affairs Horace Cheung 9681 8757