Hong Kong Palace Museum Survey Survey Summary


The survey collected eligible data from 1,087 persons, of whom 61.2% approved of the construction of the Hong Kong Palace Museum. Around 55.8% thought that the location should be within the West Kowloon Cultural district. As for the purpose of the Hong Kong Palace Museum, Hong Kong residents generally thought the purpose would be positive, with 62.5% saying that it would deepen the knowledge of Chinese history, 59.8% felt that it would increase the number of tourists and 54.9% felt that the museum would raise the standard of culture and the arts. 54.7% felt that it would raise the level of knowledge regarding Chinese history. On top of this, 61.1% of respondents told surveyors that they were interested into participating in the implementation of the Hong Kong Palace Museum.

Looking at the numbers from the survey, we could see that the majority of residents would welcome the construction of the Hong Kong Palace Museum in the West Kowloon Cultural District. Respondents from all parts of society were positive to the idea of the Hong Kong Palace Museum and expressed that they were interested in visiting the museum after its completion. The DAB feels that the construction of the Hong Kong Palace Museum will be a positive development, and we hope that the various sectors of society will proactively give advice on the design and operation of the museum as well as which exhibits and educational programs to hold within the museum. This will provide a better framework for how to proceed with the development and construction of the Hong Kong Palace Museum.

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