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Giving vouchers through NGOs fails to benefit all people

Updated: Nov 14, 2020

Frankie Ngan: 30% off the supermarkets bill


DAB Deputy Secretary-General and convenor of the “Supermarket Price Concern Group” Frankie NGAN received feedback that only designated members of the NGOs are eligible to receive $200 ParknShop cash vouchers. Many unemployed, underemployed people and those in urgent needs who are not “registered members” of designated non-profit NGOs are not able to benefit.

Frankie NGAN pointed out that Singapore supermarket chain Giant, a subsidiary company of the Dairy Farm International Holdings Ltd. which is also the parent company of the Wellcome supermarket, has reduced the price of daily necessities by 20% starting from September for 6 months. In response to Singaporean media, the Dairy Farm International Holdings Ltd. provided consumers with lower and stable prices as public are worried about the stability of employment and income under the Covid-19 pandemic. “If Giant supermarkets in Singapore can cut prices by 20%, why Wellcome in Hong Kong, owned by the same company, is only freezing the price but not cut prices and hold a real sale?”

According to the latest numbers from the Census and Statistics Department, the sales of local supermarkets generated in the first 8 months of 2020 totaled around $40 billion which is a rise of 12% against the market trend. “Supermarket Price Concern Group” convenor Frankie NGAN requests supermarket chains such as Wellcome and ParknShop that benefited from the Employment Support Scheme to cut prices by 30% on all bills every Sunday for at least three months to uphold their social responsibility of truly benefitting the general public as a whole.


Media Inquiries: Frankie Ngan (6600 2511)


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