Firmly oppose “Hong Kong independence” and ban the “Hong Kong National Party”


In response to the Secretary for Security John Lee Ka-chiu’s announcement that he was considering the proposal by the Societies Registration Officer to consider following section 8 of the “Societies Ordinance” in banning the “Hong Kong National Party”, the DAB is of the view that it is perfectly legal, reasonable and rational. It follows the rule of law and strictly upholds “One Country, Two Systems”. We request that the Secretary for Security to, through and by due process, ban the “Hong Kong National Party” as soon as possible.

Upholding national unity and territorial integrity is not only a requirement under the National Constitution and the Basic Law, it is the responsibility of every Chinese person. Any effort or method used in advocating Hong Kong independence is done to separate Hong Kong from the People’s Republic of China and damage national unity, and is thus in complete contravention of the Constitution and the Basic Law, undermining One Country, Two Systems, suspect of committing treason and incitement under the Crimes Ordinance. There is zero tolerance for promoting Hong Kong independence from the Central Government, the HKSAR government, the DAB or the general public of Hong Kong.

The “Hong Kong National Party” not only advocates for Hong Kong to “establish an independent country” as its platform, it does so by deliberate dissemination of its pro-independence message — through its highly organised networks, it has actively participated and taken action. Its party platform made clear its strong emphases in setting up a free and independent “Hong Kong republic” and in its intent on abolishing the Basic Law which, according to them, “was not approved by Hong Kong people”. It broadcasts and promotes Hong Kong independence and severely harms the interests of Hong Kong and the people’s current way of life.

“Hong Kong National Party” convenor Andy Chan Ho-tin and others have regularly participated in secession events advocating Taiwan independence, and have even had formal discussions with Pro-Taiwan-independence organisations about the content of a Memorandum of Cooperation advocating Taiwan and Hong Kong independence. Media reports have revealed that Andy Chan et al have been recipients of regular financial assistance made by Taiwanese independence advocates. Even more serious is the continuous pro-independence campaigns the “Hong Kong National Party” has run at schools in the HKSAR under its “secondary school political engagement schemes” promoting not only Hong Kong independence but also poising the minds of young people. The group — in its work and in its advocacy — clearly is a threat to national security.

We believe that these acts by the “Hong Kong National Party” have already gone beyond the parameters of freedom of speech and freedom of association. The authorities have taken action under the Societies Ordinance that is legally grounded in its banning of the operations of the “Hong Kong National Party”. The DAB urges that the government continue to closely monitor the activities of the “Hong Kong National Party” and other such groups that espouse Hong Kong independence and to firmly deal with them through the full force of the law.